(Bounce Lute): Yuan Hongbing 中国民运人物志(反弹琵琶):袁红冰 - 改变 - 優仕網部落格


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(Bounce Lute): Yuan Hongbing 中国民运人物志(反弹琵琶):袁红冰

China Democratic movement records of Personages (Bounce Lute): Yuan Hongbing 中国民运人物志(反弹琵琶):袁红冰


- Gu Xiaojunist: New Democratic movement • 3691



Wikipedia: Yuan Hongbing, jurist

Yuan Hongbing, formerly known as Yuan Hongbing, a liberal jurist, writer, dissenter in China, founder of China's free cultural movement, editor in chief of Freedom Torch. Yuan Hongbing was born in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, Han during the Cultural Revolution admitted to Peking University law department, taught at Peking University Department of law, and served as director of the Department of law litigation law.

Born: April 12, 1952, Hohhot, People's Republic of China

Book: Taiwan Cataclysm, Killing Buddha: Master Panchen Lama of the 10th Panchen Lama is free from the sun, Taiwan's big power policy, the ROC offerings, and the return to desolation.


Google "Yuan Hongbing": "Yuan Hongbing: I've been with Jiu Jinping for 8 months Booze - YouTube": September 13, 2017 - By: New China Channel Former Peking University law professor Yuan Hongbing recalled 30 years ago when he was appointed as Xiamen Vice Mayor of Xi Jinping contacts: every two weeks to take military transport back to Beijing, a ...


Google "Yuan Hongbing": "Hong Kong and Sydney scholar Yuan Hongbing: I hit Li Keqiang badly beaten - Epoch Times European News": After the class of friends to a small gathering together to drink and chat, Li Keqiang on the spot Yuan Hong Bing should not take photos Improve comments. Yuan drink a lot of wine, in a nutshell took the bottle to Li Keqiang head smashed, Li Keqiang suddenly full of blood, finally let the students to pull away.


Google "Yuan Hongbing": "Yuan Hongbing | Wang Qishan, Wang Xi-wen and Guo Wen-gui, what I know" Impact on them - Wanwei Forum: July 4, 2017 - Please Yuan Hongbing talk about the phenomenon of Wang Qishan and the future of the Xi Kings Guowen Gui broke the news of the impact of the Alliance Wang, Guowen Gui broke the news of the future. TopicYuan Hongbing talked about contacting Wang Qishan in the 80s Yuan Hongbing: contact with Wang Qishan was in the late 1980s. The reason and way of contact can not be very careful today. At that time, a group of young teachers at Peking University formulated a plan to fully penetrate the top level of the CPC. After 87 years, there is such a ...


Google "Yuan Hongbing": "Yuan Hongbing | Blog Network": Another Brigand for Taiwan, 17/05/20; Taiwanese Friends - Yuan Hongbing 17/05/19; "Making Free Taiwan a Magnificent Country - Yuan Hongbing Yuan Hongbing: Tsai Ing-wen Presidential Criminals 17/05/08; Yuan Hongbing: weeping Cai Youquan 17/05/05; Yuan Hongbing's new book, "Wine Chapter 9, Human beings should return to the loyalty to the soul of lifestyles "17/05/01; Yuan Hongbing's" wine nine chapters - drink sage sacred "...


Google "Yuan Hong Bing": "Yuan Hong Bing Exposes Xiao Jianhua's" 2015 Financial coup "Inside Story | Epoch Times: May 28, 2017 - Recently, the liberal legal scientist Mr. Yuan Hongbing disclosed the mystery businessman Xiao Jianhua's participation in the financial coup. Yuan Hongbing was also Xiao Jianhua's teacher at Peking University. Both parties also interacted on many occasions. Yuan Hongbing also feared that after Xiao Jianhua had lost his freedom, he unexpectedly died due to too much knowledge.


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Luo Kang Festival @ ygVhaFyE74ixDhY Feb 5

Yuan Hongbing: "On the night of 4 June, when I saw so many people killed on Chang'an Avenue, my own person who claimed to have created a heroic philosophy was still alive. It was an intolerable shame to me The reason why I did not go to search for the death that night was because "freedom was not finished in the setting sun." Mr. Yuan already had the generous sign of going to death! Just still ... life is not just the immediate Gou and the book did not write


Campanula @ txTexV7b41P9iMQ Feb 4

Yuan Hongbing: There are two different concepts of non-abstinence and Tingxian. Our commitment is: Guo Wengui does not intend to be confused within the scope of the article. Some people want to confuse and induce that we support the authoritarian despotism in an attempt to change the direction of the offensive brokered revolution. silly! Sword refers to the direction of thieves will not change! Guo Wengui broke the news of the revolutionary significance of the value, so that for the first time after 8964 set off a massive million people to participate in the national movement! Opened the era of broke the news revolution!


Summer @ xtiantian4320 10h

Pushing the boundaries of overseas militias pseudo rank 1. Yuan Hongbing (white Changfeng Saints feelings) 2. Hu Ping (peace of reason non-violence) 3. Guo Baosheng (cheated money on the line) 4. Han Shangxiao (Chinese tradition is rubbish) 5 Zhao Yan (tears comparable to Chief Cao) 6. Zhang Jian (I am the general conductor of the picket) look surprised ah, 90% of the fake classes are Ting Guo will die, in addition to Hu Ping, Mr. Guo Wengui Take care.


Chinese Observer @Chinaanticult Feb 8

Yuan Hongbing once worked with Wu Fan and Tang Baiqiao to concoct a China transitional government, and now it is also near to Guo Wengui, a tycoon who flee China.


Summer @ xtiantian4320 Feb 7

Twitter three scum, Chinese people at home and abroad cast aside 1. Guo Baosheng blasphemy God, betrayed the Bible 2. Yuan Hongbing throwing his wife abandon the child, change the section cast a total of 3. Cao Changqing ungrateful, betrayed friends more than three Chinese are the world's three scum, Traitor. Every sons and daughters of China should condemn and cast aside.


Big Country Small People @ DaweiSun455 Jan 29

Yuan Hongbing is by far the most able-bodied master who points out the problems in China. You are the Democrats, the real Nazis!


Xiao Hong @ Xiaopingtou Jan 29

Do not look at Yuan Hongbing approved Han Shangyi fury, in fact, the most "loaded grandson" is him, often see the limelight is wrong, the first foot of the floor wiping "hidden" is him. How long have everyone in the "Macao sound" did not see Yuan floating head bubble it? ! And "hidden" hidden concept of the wind! "Red Flag in the end how long can play?" When the first case of a smooth peach off the peach is him, once the reversal of thirty-six plan --- go to the top of him. Do not believe, we donkey donkey reading - walking Look


Lighthouse @ time20170927 Jan 29

I suspect Yuan Hongbing was cheated.


Xiao Hong @ Xiaopingtou Jan 29

Yuan Hongbing is a politician, there is no eternal enemy, only the eternal interests. A politician is an egoist who does not divide the principle from one man to another and only pursues the splitting of the interests and interests. In the eyes of politicians, morality is not the same as the fifteenth day of the moon in the sky! There is no principle of integrity politicians at all. Take the example of flat head: 2016 "5.19" democracy in Berlin "spy" incident, see: (five) Shengxu Australia ubiquitous "quite Guo"



Gu Xiaojun 2018-2-10 NanjingChina


Translator: God Has eyes



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Gu Xiaojun novelette (3) http://store.showwe.tw/books.aspx?b=111632













  Google袁红冰”:“袁红冰:我跟习近平做过8个月酒友- YouTube 2017913 上传者:新中国频道 原北京大学法律系教授袁红冰回忆30年前跟时任厦门市副市长习近平的交往:每一两周坐军用运输机回京,一 ...




  Google袁红冰”:“袁红冰我所认识的王岐山、习王联盟及郭文贵爆料对他们的冲击万维论坛”:201774 请袁红冰谈一下王岐山现象以及习王联盟未来的走向,郭文贵爆料对习王联盟的冲击,郭文贵爆料的前途。【话题】袁红冰谈80年代接触王岐山袁红冰:和王岐山接触是在上世纪80年代后期。接触的原因和方式今天不能够讲的很仔细。当时北大一批青年教师制定了向中共高层全面渗透的计划。87年以后吧,有这样一个 ...


  Google袁红冰”:“袁红冰博谈网”:为台湾燃亮另一把火炬 17/05/20; 台湾的诤友——袁红冰17/05/19; 《让自由台湾成为壮丽的国家——袁红冰自主代撰文集》出版说明 17/05/18; 袁红冰:蔡英文总统罪己书 17/05/08; 袁红冰:痛哭蔡有全 17/05/05; 袁红冰新作《酒书九章》以酒喻人“人类应回归忠诚于心灵的生活方式” 17/05/01; 袁红冰之《酒书九章——饮者心灵圣典》 ...


  Google袁红冰”:“袁红冰揭肖建华参与“2015金融政变”内幕大纪元”:2017528 近日自由主义法学家袁红冰先生披露神秘富商肖建华参与金融政变的内幕。袁红冰还是肖建华北大时的老师,双方还曾多次互动,袁红冰还担忧肖建华失去自由后,因知道太多而致非正常死亡。




  罗康节 @ygVhaFyE74ixDhY Feb 5

  袁红冰:“在六四的那天晚上,我在长安街上看到那么多人被打死,我这个自称创造了英雄主义哲学的人却还活着,这对我来说是一种不能忍受的耻辱。而那天晚上我之所以没有去寻找死神,是因为当时《自由在落日中》还没有写完。” 袁先生早就有慷慨赴死之志!只是至今依然…… 生活不止眼前的苟且,还有书没写


  风铃 @txTexV7b41P9iMQ Feb 4



  夏天 @xiatian4320 10h

  推特界海外民运伪类排行榜 1.袁红冰(白衣长风圣徒情怀) 2.胡平(和平理性非暴力) 3.郭宝胜(骗到钱就行) 4.韩尚笑(中国传统是垃圾) 5.赵岩(眼泪堪比曹科长) 6.张健(我是纠察队总指挥) 一看吓一跳呀,百分之90的伪类都在挺郭会呀,除了胡评,郭文贵先生保重。


  中国观察家 @Chinaanticult Feb 8



  夏天 @xiatian4320 Feb 7

  推特三大败类,海内外华人人人唾弃喊打 1.郭宝胜亵渎上帝,背叛圣经 2.袁红冰抛妻弃子,变节投共 3.曹长青忘恩负义,背叛朋友 以上三人是华人世界三大败类,汉奸。每个中华儿女应当声讨,唾弃。


  大国小民 @DaweiSun455 Jan 29



  萧宏 @xiaopingtou Jan 29

  别看袁红冰批韩尚义愤填膺状,其实最会"装孙子"就是他 ,每每看到风头不对,第一个脚板底抹油开溜"神隐"的就是他。大伙有多久在"澳声"没见袁浮头冒泡啦?!"神隐"潜伏观风向了!"红旗到底能打多久?"时局顺坦第一个下山摘桃子的是他,一旦逆转三十六计---走为上的也是他.不信,咱骑驴看唱本--走着瞧。


  灯塔 @time20170927 Jan 29



  萧宏 @xiaopingtou Jan 29




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