(Bounce Lute): Wen Yunchao 中国民运人物志(反弹琵琶):温云超 - 改变 - 優仕網部落格


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(Bounce Lute): Wen Yunchao 中国民运人物志(反弹琵琶):温云超

China Democratic movement records of Personages (Bounce Lute): Wen Yunchao 中国民运人物志(反弹琵琶):温云超


- Gu Xiaojunist: New Democratic movement • 3778



Wikipedia: Wen Yunchao

Wen Yunchao, also known as Bei Feng, was born in Xisha Village, Wuyun Town, Jiexi County, Guangdong Province, China. He once lived in Hong Kong and now lives in New York City, USA. Voice of America is a special guest commentary on “Facts, Everyone Talks”, and well-known network writers. Social activist.

Born: 1971


Google “Win Yun Chao”: “Wen Yun Chao _ Baidu Encyclopedia”: Wen Yunchao, net name “North Wind”, was born in Jiexi County, Guangdong Province, China in 1971, and studied at Harbin Institute of Technology from 1989 to 1993. District police warned. ...


Google “Winyun Chao”: “Wen Yunchao was a CCP’s special agent!_Cheng Wen – Multi-dimensional guest – Multi-dimensional news”: May 16, 2017 - Many people are familiar with Wen Yunchao, and many people think that he is a human rights fighter. What kind of person is he? First of all, let's look at Wen Yunchao’s introduction to himself: “The north wind was originally named Wen Yunchao (1971-), born in Xiasha Yisu Village, Wuyun Town, Jiexi County, Guangdong Province. From 1989 to 1993, he studied at Harbin Institute of Technology. (Harbin Institute of Technology), now living in Guangzhou, is a well-known online media person in Guangzhou, and is honored as...


Google “Win Yunchao”: “Proposal on Clearing Relationships between the Democratic Movement Organizations and Wen Yunchao - A New Discussion on e-commerce - eNewsTree.com ...”: June 10, 2014 - Proposal on Clearing Relationships between the Democratic Movement Organization and Wen Yunchao Speaking of Wen Yunchao, many people do not understand it well, but people who know him say that he is a true and false democracy, real profits, false freedom, true autocracy, false heroes, and true villains. Regarding Wen Yunchao's behavior and his conduct, he has made it clear and obvious. ? Wen Yunchao is not qualified to participate in the organization of democratic movements, and even more unworthy of leading civilians to engage in "returning to Tiananmen Square" and other Memorial and other civilian activities.


Push Friends Comments:


Rose Lu Xun @colorsci Mar 17

After listening to your previous micro-words on Wen Yunchao, if you look at the recent extortion of Wen Yunchao on Chen Jun, your intuition was right a few years ago. Wen Yunchao, indeed


I love Tang Jijuan @junmax8 Mar 4

This Wen Yunchao is a big agent, and the whole body exudes evil and blackmail.


Xiao Hong @xiaopingtou Mar 3

Northwind and Sino are both the backbone of the Shengxue gang. For details, please refer to: Beginning at the end of the democratic game "Casino" "round table meeting" (middle) Special agents Li Weidong, Wen Yunchao, Yang Hengjun, Chen Yonglin jumped out to endorse the platform for Shengxue platform; Wen Yunchao is the sacrilege of PS "pornography" attacking the "democratic black hole" female author. Underworld killer. Foreign Affairs Department Special Service Agent Chen Yonglin offered a reward of 10,000 U.S. dollars to threaten to cut off the tongue of the author of "The Black Hole of the Democratic Parties"...


The Son of Js Shepherd @CHNeRevolution Mar 14

Wu Jianmin was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 1991 and released from prison in 1997. He went to the United States in 2015. In recent years, "democratic people" who can normally leave China Customs have carried out tasks. These include: Xia Yeliang, Teng Yu, Wen Yunchao (north wind), Perverted peppers...


Chinese Citizens Movement @ccrcchina Mar 5

Is it true that Wen Yunchao wants public finances to be private?


Angel Angel @joli0521 Mar 4

Names are listed. Since they all dare to face shame, do not help them cover their faces. Does Twitter know all about it? Wen Yunchao donated one cent. This is a friend of Gao Zhisheng, an active communicator of Gao Zhisheng's statement of making $70,000, and a bloke maker who made a name for Tang.


Qlsh0701 @qlsh0701 Mar 9

@HuXijin_huanqiu All those who believe that Hu Jia, Xia Yeliang, Wen Yunchao, Sima Nan, Hu Xijin, Ai Weiwei, Han Han, Fang Binxing, Yang Hengjun, and Li Chengpeng are good people are all dog breeds. Those who are friends with them are not allowed to die.


Australopithecus @nanfangguyuan Feb 26

Xi Jinping revised the constitution, and Wang Dan was busy organizing a signature to issue a statement. Perverted peppers are busy looking for inspiration. He Feng Zhang Lifan is very busy with the old partner of VOA, although it is from different perspectives. Guo Wengui wondered whether he could take the opportunity to engage in a few opponents. Tang Baiqiao is conceiving what the next donation will be. Both Wen Yunchao and Ai Weiwei also looked for angles, but few people looked at them. As for Falun Dafa, they continued to hold the Black River Zemin. As usual



Gu Xiaojun 2018-3-31 NanjingChina


Translator: God Has eyes



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  Google温云超”:“温云超原来是中共特务!_政闻-多维客 多维新闻”:2017516 对于温云超,很多人都不陌生,且很多人都以为他是人权斗士,然而他究竟是何许人也? 首先我们来看温云超本人对他自己的介绍:“北风原名温云超,(1971年-),生于广东省揭西县五云镇下砂陂苏村。1989年至1993年就读于哈尔滨工业大学(Harbin Institute of Technology)。现居广州。是广州著名的网络媒体人,被誉 ...


  Google温云超”:“关于各民运组织与温云超划清关系的倡议书时政杂谈- eNewsTree.com ...2014610 《关于各民运组织与温云超划清关系的倡议书》 说起温云超很多人都不甚了解,但了解他的人都说他是一个地地道道的假民主、真谋利,假自由、真专制,假英雄、真小人。关于温云超的 所作所为及品行早已昭然若揭、有目共睹。?温云超没有资格参与组织民运活动,更不配领衔民运搞“重回天安门”等六四纪念及其他民运活




  Rose 陆绮 @colorsci Mar 17



  我爱唐捐娟 @junmax8 Mar 4



  萧宏 @xiaopingtou Mar 3



  Js牧羊人之子 @CHNeRevolution Mar 14

  吴建民1991年被判10年监,1997年出狱. 2015年到美国近年能从海关正常出境的“民运人士”多是带着任务的.包括:夏业良、滕彪、温云超(北风)、变态辣椒...


  中国公民运动 @ccrcchina Mar 5



  安琪Angel @joli0521 Mar 4



  qlsh0701 @qlsh0701 Mar 9

  @HuXijin_huanqiu 凡是认为胡佳、夏业良、温云超、司马南、胡锡进、艾未未、韩寒、方滨兴、杨恒均、李承鹏是好人的人,都是狗杂种。以他们为友的人都不得好死。


  Australopithecus @nanfangguyuan Feb 26




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