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Economic Thought: My Resentment with the Chinese

Economic Thought: My Resentment with the Chinese Communist Party for More Than Ten Years (I) 经济思想:我与中共十多年的恩怨(上)

- Gu Xiaojunism: Trade Wars • 3,986

Originally intended to write "trade war: the CCP's top 10 missteps", think about it for more than a decade, and put forward a lot of suggestions to the CCP. There are also many that have been adopted without any ignorance; after adoption, let alone not pay, Even the name is not willing to mention. If you don't listen, you will get the word - block.

If so, I took a turn and spent a full ten days writing "Popular Economics (100 questions)". This is also a thing that I am standing on (some of the concepts in economics have been corrected as necessary. In 

Chinese society can’t go back 中国社会回不去了

Yesterday, I saw in the overseas article that "the intention to change Mao Chao Deng is very obvious", "use Mao as the body, use Deng as the use", "national advancement and retreat", etc., I said in the conversation of Chupu Xi Jinping. What? 〉 Added a tail to the text.

In fact, when people see "use Mao as the body and use Deng as the use", the most important thing is to worry, not care about what analysis. At least I am like this. Therefore, I have to write this "Chinese society can't go back."

At noon yesterday, I went out, locked the door, and was about to go downstairs to run. However, the mobile phone in the pocket rang; at first glance, it was a little girl who complained to me, "How to add and not chat." If so, then go back "I am sorry, I have to run again, come back and talk."

What did Trump and Xi Jinping telephone said? 川普习

What did Trump and Xi Jinping telephone said? 川普习近平通话说了些什么?

- Gu Xiaojunism: Trade Wars • 3,984

What did Trump and Xi Jinping telephone said? No one knows, but can't help but think. The reaction of the securities market is that Shanghai and Shenzhen have formed signs of bottoming out. Dow Jones also has signs of high losses. The Hang Seng Index is even more open, pulling the sun and breaking the neckline...

Overseas reports, more entangled in who is the initiative to call who. From the known content, it should be the phone that Trump gave to Xi Jinping. However, from Xi Jinping’s initiative to call Trump? ! How many internal and external dilemmas have changed their positions? 〉 This kind of title looks like Xi 

”Drinking Tea” Notes • Introduction 「喝茶」记•引言
I heard that Zizhong was "drinking tea" before, and I was very envious. Unexpectedly, on November 13, 2018, I was also "drinking tea." But it is not the United Front Department that asks me to "drink tea" but the national security.

The following is the memory of this "drinking tea". As mentioned below, first, I can't guarantee the order. Secondly, I can't guarantee that the word is not bad. I can only guarantee the accuracy of the idea. Because throughout the process, I have been more excited, in the state of the sword.

Guoan said that I was asked to "drink tea" because of "seeking troubles." I immediately called "I didn't find trouble." Guoan said that it refers to my network public speech. I also called "This is freedom of speech. A famous senior scholar like me is academic freedom."

When I was excited, I coughed out of breath (this phenomenon appeared again and again, and happened many times). Guoan asked me how my body is, whether there is high blood pressure, etc. I said no. Guoan also said that the genus of "seeking 

I am the first person in the world against ”global

I am the first person in the world against "global integration"  我是世界反「全球一体化」的第一人

- Gu Xiaojunism: Trade Wars • 3,983

2018-4-16, Wind North blowing essay "The essence is Populist democratic - thought by Sun Liping [what is happening in the world - four interesting formulas]", pointing out that Sun Liping will take my Gu Xiaojun's "Populist" in his article. "Demo" was opened and given to Wen Yang and Ban Nong.

However, Wind North blowing did not really realize that Sun Liping’s "What is happening in the world - four interesting formulas" is not only the plagiarism of "Populist democratic", but also the hard work for Bannon. To create a suspicion between the right wing, I also want to "transfer" my right wing forward thinking and help the CCP to impose a ban on me.

The above point, in view of Sun Liping's article, "The first formulation: globalization has faced liquidation in the 

Trap trick 套路

Trap trick          套路


- Gu Xiaojun's novels • 321 (nine volumes: on WeChat)



On WeChat.

Gu Ye also met an elegant beauty.

Beauty: Nice to meet you.

Gu Ye: Yes.

Beauty: What are you talking about?

Gu Ye: With you.

Beauty: You tell a story.

Gu Ye: What are you talking about?

Beauty: With you.

Gu Ye: Let's talk about a "Trap trick."

Beauty: Ok.

Gu Ye: A beautiful woman wrote a message in a circle of friends. "If you don't cherish me, you won't even have a baby. I will make your money worse. It will not hurt you to see you."

Beauty: What do you mean?

Gu Ye: The beauty means that she is with a man, and the man puts a sum of money in her. When she was not careful, she was pregnant. The man hid her. She made a red envelope on WeChat. The man’s money was there.

Beauty: Is this really true?

Gu Ye: I don't know.

Beauty: You didn't get a red envelope?

Gu Ye: No.

Beauty: Why?

Gu Ye: She has to fight the money first, hit 100 to return 1000, play 1000 to 10000...

Beauty: Oh.

Beauty: Let's talk.

Gu Ye: I finished it.

Beauty: Tell another one.

Gu Ye: It is also a beautiful woman. She wants me to add her. After adding it, she said: We don't seem to know it. Why do you want to add me? Since it is added, it is a friend. This girl is never casual. I work at the mahogany factory opened by my dad's friend and act as the boss's secretary. Wait, the boss called me. Come back and talk later.

Beauty: Has she been talking like this?

Gu Ye: Yes.

Beauty: What do you say later?

Gu Ye: She said that the boss asked her to accompany her boss to Putuoshan to burn incense and open the bracelet. The next day, she sent pictures of clouds and other clouds outside the plane. Finally, you can call the red envelope of 99 yuan, I will send you a string immediately.

Beauty: Have you played?

Gu Ye: No.

Beauty: Later?

Gu Ye: Then she got angry.

Beauty: Why? What did she say?

Gu Ye: She said, are you an adult? How do you say good things are not counted? The 99 yuan red envelope is reluctant to fight, how can I believe you in the future?

Beauty: Do you tell her good?

Gu Ye: No.

Beauty: How can she say this?

Gu Ye: I don't know.

Beauty: Let me say one more.

Gu Ye: Nothing.

Beauty: Then I will show you something?

Gu Ye: I don't see it.

Beauty: Look.

Gu Ye: No.

Beauty: You see - I have 38888 yuan on my red envelope.

Gu Ye: Yes.

Beauty: You give me 520 (I love you), and then play 1314 (lifetime), I will return all the money to you.

Beauty: Why don't you talk.

Gu Ye: I am writing a novel.

Beauty: What novel do you write?

Gu Ye: "Trap trick."

Gu Xiaojun 2018-10-30 Nanjing, China



Translator: God Has eyes

GuXiaojunist Philosophy [English version] ISBN 9789863586678


Populist democratic


Community Impartiality First


Brain revolution


September Capriccio


Overthrow Lu Xun


Gu Xiaojun novelette (1)


Gu Xiaojun novelette (2)


Gu Xiaojun novelette (3)


Recommend Gu Xiaojun for the Nobel prize for peace, the prize in literature


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              顾晓军 2018-10-30南京

Popular economics (100 questions) [2] 通俗经济学

Popular economics (100 questions) [2] 通俗经济学(100题)【下】


- Gu Xiaojunism: Trade Wars • 3,982



Six. ten laws of economics


The ten laws of economics mainly refer to the laws in the management discipline of economics. Management is related to all aspects of our lives.

01. Peter's principle - "In a hierarchy, each employee tends to rise to a position he is incapable of." The reason is: doing well, being promoted. After promotion, either competent or incompetent. Competence will be promoted until it is incompetent; because the basis for promotion is "past." If so, it can be inferred that "every position will eventually be occupied by an employee who is not 

Popular economics (100 questions) [1] 通俗经济学

Popular economics (100 questions) [1] 通俗经济学(100题)【上】


- Gu Xiaojunism: Trade Wars • 3,982



Economics is not an unattainable and unfathomable science. Economics is around us. Perhaps we are dealing with economics every day, even thinking and measuring in economics every moment. The problem is just that we don't know.


Therefore, I am writing the "Popular Economics" that the professors are not willing to write, or have not thought of at all, and let everyone know the truth of "popular economics" in the simplest 

Trade War and Taiwan’s ”87 Relieve Martial law” 贸
Trade War and Taiwan's "87 Relieve Martial law" 贸易战与台湾「87解严」

——Gu Xiaojunism: Trade War • 3,98

On <This is checkerboard "a big and big piece of chess">, fight4freedom said "Old Gu is a good... can be used as a guiding essay for the rightist."

Qingtingwei also said, "It seems that a broken ladder can also stimulate some new ideas."

In fact, I said earlier, the ladder is broken, and my heart will be quiet.

some thoughts

Since the trade war, I have always had some ideas: First, Japan’s “stagnation for 20 years” has no direct relationship with the “Plaza Agreement”. Here, I have proved in the "trade war: trends,

”neoliberalism” errata 「新自由主义」勘误
"neoliberalism" errata 「新自由主义」勘误

- Gu Xiaojunism: Trade Wars • 3,980

I always wanted to write "Critical Keynesianism." Although in the "This is checkerboard "a big and big piece of chess.", I have criticized Keynesian economic theory and the nature of its left wing; however, it is still far from enough. If so, I searched for "Hayek neo-liberalism" (Hayek, also translated as Hayek, and has a close relationship with Keynes).

It is said that Hayek and Keynes have a close relationship because policy makers often swing between the two people's ideas and affect the world economy. The world economic crisis of the 1930s represented the Keynesian "Roosevelt New Deal". In the 1970s oil crisis, when the world economy was stagflation, the neo-liberalism marked by the "Washington Consensus" became the

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