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digital signage-Medical Grade Fanless PCs: Advanced Features


Fanless Medical IP66Grade Computers are designed to work with the changing environment of today´s healthcare industry。 These computers fit easily in a number of environments like surgery room, patient bedside terminal, pharmaceutical laboratory and other places。 The latest computing processor is used in these PCs (up to Corei7)。 This is a kind of all in one PC online shopping where the health care people can get the benefit of both all in one facility along with the latest Fanless technology。

These Fanless PCs are now more popular and mostly used in the healthcare industry。 Let´s have a look at the brand and features in detail。


CyberMed N19: This medical grade Fanlesspanel PC computer is medically certified to meet the needs of EN60601-1。 It restricts the dust particulates from circulation。 This PC is ideal for emergency room, operating room and can also be used in other areas of thedigital signage hospital。


1。 Advanced Touch Screen Technology:

This all in one computer have 5-wire resistive touchFanless pc screen technology。 It enhances the productivity of the PC while operating。 The screen is also accessible, while wearing a glove as it is made for accepting gloved input。 Its great advantage while entering the data into the PC。


2。 Long Battery Life:

CyberMed N19 all in one PC can be used all day long or in shiftssunlight readable without charging manytouch screen monitor a times, because, the configuration includes €Cedar Trail D2500 processor€。 This processor is the latestIndustrial pc generation of CPUs made in all in one PCs and up to a battery life of 8 hrs。


3。 Intelligent Graphics and 19inch Display:

Today´s EMR and healthcare applications are carried out under the high resolution images and videos。 In orderIndustrial monitor to meet this requirement, CyberMed has given Intel NM10 Chipset and an integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3600 in to N19 model。 It supports 1080 HD video playback along with 3D graphics。 Apart from this feature, the screen size is also 19Video wall inches that deliver a comforting look。


4。 Wall and Medical Cart Mountable:

This PC provides an easy to use working environment。 It can be mounted easily on the wall along with the medical cart。 VESA mounting holes are there to support the PC。


5。 Antimicrobial Coating

ThisBox PC medical PC contains an antimicrobial coating that helps in maintaining hygienic conditions in medical environments。 This is an added and important advantage for the users。


Apart from the above features, this computer is also compatible with Win7 OS (professional & Windows 7 Embedded)。 However, these are the specialties for which most of the health care people use CyberMed N19。 Fanless PC online shopping is alsoAll in one computer a great idea for getting the affordable pieces。



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