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In spring, you
TV [] in Phoenix and peony, the purple Yan asked Han Yingzhu: you what kind of charm can let Royal's two highest power be entranced man for you? Because I always have a common heart, Yingzhu answered and said, I love built, not because he is the king of Wei, even if he was a beggar, I love him the same, but Feeling's Gone Away wealth. Because you care too much, so, you always feel too much to lose embroidery logo.
People always have experienced a lot of things you can be completely quiet, but is must reach a certain age is mature. Though young, beautiful is the capital, but mature, steady is a time be above deposited.
Someone was crying to me her story, she is so persistent in love with a man on the Internet, he devoted all the sweet love, but not for long, the man finally silent away from her, she felt very disappointed and sad. Am I wrong? She asked me. You are not wrong, I said to her: who are not wrong, is a gust of wind blew the commitment.
A woman must understand the maintenance, adequate sleep, relax mood, appropriate dress, a healthy diet. You can't Fan Bingbing looks, but your heart to the sun. If it is a public appearance, proper makeup, need a also can not drop. After all, you go out, is you the man a label, a card.
She said to me: not easy to hear your mobile phone number, and then the unable to hold oneself back to call you, but has no answer, so want to Is it right? Old classmates have what is forgotten, or is no longer ignoring them. Some of my classmates and I together often speaks of you, forever remember that shy big boy, very cute, really, we have a record of your. I laughed: Thank you, thank you, did not think of a turn is more than 20 years, but we have a home of their own, and his own happiness, good and you in the teacher's post has been insist, hard, have the Spring Festival home. This year, I will go to see you. But I can still remember when you look like?
If I had three haapy grass, I prefer to be two of them to you, because I wish you happier than me, more happiness. In our world, there is a kind of friendship, faint, has to accompany years counterparts, the snowflakes falling zero wait, for me, for you in memory, encountered a time so. Winter's end, I have already seen the March fireworks, spirit.
A train ticket small, affect millions of wandering heart. Online booking, also face Seckill, transport during the Spring Festival, like spring tide, be a trend which cannot be halted. Maybe you are returning home at the moment on the train, you are carrying a heavy pack, carrying a thick care, you on the phone to your parents in a crowded carriage, you also do not have time for the scenery out the window, because, if there are thousands of landscape, also is not the beautiful home cloud.
From a distance the waiting, regardless of friendship, love, is a lofty realm. Xue Xiaochan said: the real alienation is the closest. I was promised a lifetime together, never separated, in fact, not just the promise, is the belief in love. The woman likes to hear speak sugared words, know some words can not be achieved, but life in the listening, because the man had vowed to woman weaving a dream of a riot of colours.
Thanks to those who gave me encouragement and support, and never abandon friends, you are not only my Webpage on a beautiful scenery, is the more I lead to very valuable spiritual wealth. Because the choice of you, so I am even more happy. Your friendship with me every day of a romantic themes CCIBA, in my life the picture painted by a thick and heavy in colours. I sincerely say: I love you, my dear friends.


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